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1.Tecguru repairs phones, tablets and other mobile devices. TecGuru re-serve the right to refuse a request for services or a customer; 2. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that a repair by TecGuru (a third party repairer, i.e. not accredited by the Customer’s device’s manufacturer) 3. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Customer’s device may have other additional faults than those first diagnosed. We are not responsible for a device which, upon examination has further faults and/or damage which results in the device subsequently not operating at all or not operating in the manner in which it did prior to TecGuru ex-amining it. 4. Parts may be faulty, incorrect or out of stock. In the event that TecGuru needs to order in new parts for the Customer’s repair, Tecguru will ad-vise the Customer and provide the Customer with a new Turnaround time for the completion of the repair. The Customer is not automatically entitled to a discount when this occurs. 5. DEVICES WILL NOT BE RESET/ RESTORED UNLESS REQUESTED. All vide-os/music/photos will be preserved to the best of our abilities. This is a pri-ority. If the device is not functional without a reset/restore to factory de-faults, we can inform the customer of the correct procedure or perform it ourselves at your request. This procedure can take several hours. 6. If your device has a pass code or password or pattern, we need to know it. If a device is locked, we will not be able to properly test the de-vice once the repair is completed. If the repair is completed, and still no pass code/password/pattern is provided, the repair will be considered AS IS. 7. All jobs will be held for 30 days from date of contact that the work is completed. After 30 days, we will attempt final contact to resolve any amount due. If no resolution is available or we cannot contact you at the options provided to us (disconnected number, etc). TecGuru re-serves the right to assume ownership of the device. We will then attempt to finalize payment in some other way, including but not limited to selling the device. 8. To the maximum extent permitted by law, TecGuru is not liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the performance of any repair services. TecGuru maximum liability for any and all damage shall not in any event exceed the payments received by TecGuru for services provided pursuant to these terms and condi-tions. Water damaged device repairs are not under any warranty and repairs might cause data loss in such devices. If your device is in a con-dition that restricts us to investigate any existing problems, we are only responsible for providing you with the repairs you demand. TecGuru is not liable for any existing issue other than the repairs that were agreed upon. 9. An upfront, non-refundable investigation fee may be required for liquid damage repairs as determined by the Customer Service Representative and regardless of the outcome. 10. TecGuru bears no responsibility for the outcome of liquid damage re-pairs. Any repair where liquid damage is discovered is not covered by the TecGuru warranty. 11. TecGuru’s repair process involves a thorough device testing both be-fore and after the repair is conducted. If the TecGuru Technician is una-ble to test the device prior to the repair due to any of the below listed reasons, TecGuru cannot be held liable for untested functions that do not operate after the repair, due to its inability to verify their functionality and condition prior to the repair: a. The Device has no power or cannot be powered on b. Access to the device and its functions is not provided or availa-ble c. The LCD of the device is broken. 12. A non-refundable service fee of 35$ will be charged in the event of your device is not repaired/repairable. 13. TecGuru is not liable for any data loss. We recommend to make a back up before bringing your device for repair. 14. Warranty a. TecGuru Warranty applies where the exact same fault occurs or the replaced component fails within 90 days of repair. b. A 90 days - warranty on parts & labor will apply to all repairs com-pleted. A 30-day warranty applies to repair of liquid damaged phones. c. The Warranty is Void upon return of the phone, if the TecGuru re-pair warranty label is tampered in any way whatsoever, or if any other party attempts repairs on the phone, or if the phone has been physically or liquid damaged, the warranty is void. 15. No Warranty a. TecGuru does not provide any warranty for the installation of any spare parts supplied by the customer. b. Labor charges will apply for the un-installation of spare parts where the spare part installed was not supplied by TecGuru. c. Labor charges may also apply for any cancellation or reversals of repairs after confirmation to proceed with repairs has been giv-en. 16. TecGuru reserves the right to make changes to the above Terms and Conditions at any time, and it is your responsibility to check you have read the most recent revision. Please note: No person has the authority to make any changes to our Terms and Conditions without the written authorization of TecGuru’s management.